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Data Driven Storytelling

16 weeks


With the advent of digital marketing and its many facets such as SEO, content writing, CRO and web development, it has become much more paramount to understand your audience and engage with them to stand any chance of growth within your brand.

Whilst we live a society that amasses data at an exponential rate, understanding it and utilising to your benefit is the key skill sadly missing within most companies. Within this course you will discover the science of data-driven storytelling that will unravel what search engines know about your brand and how to wield this power to reach new customers and gain a distinction advantage over your competitors.

This data-driven approach is the game-changer for brands where, if you’re not online, you’re not going to survive.

This course is aimed at those who own or work for a brand within a competitive market and wish to elevate their marketing position to add more value to their bottom line. Whether this is additional sales or brand awareness, we’ll show you how to stand out in an ever-increasing crowded marketplace.

This is both a practical and theoretical course that will provide you with the ability to create high quality content that engages and connects with your target audience.

This course will focus on discovering high-quality ranking terms through actionable data and providing the necessary insight to how your brand is performing and where it can penetrate new and existing markets successfully.

Learning outcomes:

  • Undertake data mining and auditing to form the basis of your research
  • Understand the basic data-driven analysis within Excel to discover your ‘story’ 
  • Understand how to engage visitors by interpreting the data and making recommendations
  • Write a report from your findings and prepare these for sharing 
  • Develop an action plan to implement your findings
  • Measure and improve performance through ongoing analysis

Combining the best attributes of digital marketing and SEO, you will unravel a roadmap for online success. Based on years of practical experience and success across multiple sectors, you will gain the skills to catapult your brand forward.

Added March 2021

Key information

This course will be mapped to the individual’s needs to provide both relevancy and practical value. Applicants should be computer literate and be prepared to carry out independent study beyond the classroom.

  • Access to a laptop and smart phone is desirable.
  • Learners are expected to purchase suitable memory cards for media storage and transfer.
  • Use of a Microsoft account and specifically Excel will be requirement.
  • Access to Google assets such as Search Console and Google Analytics will be a requirement
  • A willingness and desire to elevate your brand.

Delivery will be project based and the course will be supported using digital learning technologies. Where appropriate, the applications used will be a mixture of free, paid and freemium software. The course is delivered over 16 weeks (four hours per week) broken down as two hours online learning one evening per week and reinforced with two hours of learner research/preparation for the next lesson.