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Making Cloud work for you (AWS Cloud Formation)

One day


This course is for IT professionals who want to learn about AWS Technologies.

This course teaches delegates about CloudFormation. This service helps delegates in setting up their AWS resources so that they can spend less time managing those resources and more time focusing on their application that runs on AWS. In this course, delegates will learn about AWS CloudFormation concepts and how does AWS CloudFormation work.

During this course, delegates will gain an understanding of how to sign up for an AWS account, control access, log CloudFormation API calls, AWS CloudFormation limits and set up VPC endpoint for AWS CloudFormation. This course also explains about continuous delivery with code PipeLine.

In this 1-day course, delegates will learn how to work with stack and templates. They will also learn about StackSet concepts, granting permission for StackSet operation, creating, updating and deleting StackSet. In addition, delegates will also learn how to configure a target account gate in AWS CloudFormation StackSets. On completion of this training, delegates will be able to troubleshoot Amazon CloudFormation.


Key information

There are no prerequisites for this course.

Delivery will be over one day.

Delivery is on-line, led by an instructor in a virtual classroom environment.

There is no exam attached to this course. A certificate of attendance will be awarded on completion.

PLA Funding is available to cover the cost of the course, to find out more and to check if you are eligible please visit