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Office 365 Sway Webpage

Part-Time, GCS Training
Jubilee Court
Three hours


Sway is a webpage creator in Office 365, it is user friendly with its intuitive interface, simplifies media grouping and interactive element creation, while theme customisation ensures visual coherence. Sway allows sharing and collaboration, encouraging teamwork and real-time feedback exchange. This session will cover formatting Word documents for webpage export, the benefits of using Sway, inserting media such as images, video, audio, and text, grouping media, creating interactive content, adjusting themes, and customising them. Participants will learn to utilise Sway as a presentation tool, mastering sharing and collaboration features. Ultimately, Sway provides a user-friendly platform for creating visually appealing and interactive presentations, suitable for educators, professionals, and content creators.

Key information

Ability to use a computer with a basic user level.

In person in Jubilee Court.

Attend other digital workshops being delivered by Gower College Swansea.

Office 365 Sway Webpage
Course code: YA096 DLC
Jubilee Court
1 day