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Preparation for Learning (Pre-Access) Level 2

Level 2
6 or 10 weeks
Telephone: 01792 284000 (Tycoch)


Adult education preparation course

Preparation for Learning (Pre-Access) is a short Level 2 course designed to help you gain the skills needed to successfully complete assignments at a higher level.

The course has been created to assist students to develop the skills that are essential for successful academic study. Learning for Progression is structured to give you a general introduction into the world of further education, thus enabling you to choose realistic progression routes.  

Course objectives:

  • Gain an understanding of the requirements to study at a higher level
  • Develop academic study and writing skills
  • Write assignments to the level required.  

Course outcomes:

  • Students will be better able to cope with the demands of a level two Skills for Further Study or a level three Access course
  • Students will be able to develop vital study management skill
  • Students will be able to write academically to prepare for future courses.

Please note that completion of the short Preparation for Learning course does not mean automatic progression onto a year-long Level 3 Access course. 

Key information

With the demands of this Level 2 programme and the expectations to progress onto Level 3, students need to be reliable, honest, and trustworthy, have a positive attitude, be committed, enthusiastic and self-motivated for study.

Students should ensure that their existing skills are sufficient to be able to cope with the demands of this Level 2 course, it is expected that students will have gained a Level 1 literacy qualification before applying. 

This course runs for either six or ten weeks, one day/evening or two evenings a week depending on the time of year. The course times also differ to suit demand:  

Venue: Tycoch Campus

  • Fridays (9.30am-2pm)  


  • Thursdays (4.30-8.30pm)


  • Wednesdays (1-5pm)


  • Tuesdays (4.30-8.30pm)


  • Tuesdays and Thursdays (6-9pm)

Face-to-face delivery with no online option.

The course comprises of

  • Essay writing
  • Academic debate
  • Individual presentation
  • Career planning
  • Numeracy. 

Staying with the College, you could progress on to an Access to higher education programme which includes nursing, social welfare, health science, psychology and counselling, law and business or another level three course which can be discussed with the course tutor.  

Students who need more time to develop will be given the opportunity to study on the Adult Diploma in Skills for Further Study Level 2 . 

£90 course fee.

Students can apply online and join the course direct on the start date or email the address below (recommended), from there students will be invited into the College for an information session, this will allow students to ask questions about most of the adult courses available in the department and there will be opportunities to enrol onto this preparation course too.    

Contact Information: 

Agored L2 Learning for Progression
Course code: VB139 ETBD
6 weeks
Tue and Thurs
6 - 9pm
Level 2