Classical Civilisation

Course Overview

Classical Civilisation is the study of the cultures of ancient Greece and Rome primarily through their art and literature. During your studies you will soon discover that their art and literature is very much connected with their cultural identity – in other words, their art and literature was concerned with their gods and heroes, myths and legends, which was their history.

Topics you will study include:

  • Greek epic - Homer’s Iliad, looking at the epic poem set at the time of the Trojan War, focussing on the character of Achilles and his relationship with other Greek and Trojan heroes.
  • Greek theatre – looking at three plays, two tragedies and one comedy, plus how they were staged and performed.
  • Roman epic – looking at Virgil’s epic poem The Aeneid, using your previous knowledge of Homer’s writings and exploring the historical setting of the Aeneid in Augustan Rome.
  • Greek religion – A study of the Greek gods and the practice of Greek religion using literary, historical and visual sources.


Entry Requirements

Grade B in GCSE English Language is essential.

Course Delivery

Please note this subject is delivered as a two year Linear A Level programme with full assessment at the end of the second year. No AS qualification is available.

The course is classroom based with 4.5 hours of lectures per week. It has no coursework component.

Progression Opportunities

The study of Classics nurtures the personal transferable skills of problem-solving, analysis, disciplined argument and persuasive presentation which employers value highly. Its study is proof of intelligence, commitment and an ability to think creatively. All these skills will be sought by university admissions tutors and employers.

Students make successful careers in the mainstream of commerce, law, finance and public administration, as well as in more directionally vocational fields such as teaching, archive and museum work, conservation etc. 

Additional Information

There is usually an opportunity to go on one or two visits per year to places such as the Roman Baths at Bath or the British Museum.

Course deliverable in Welsh: