English Language

Course Overview

This A Level takes a forensic approach to analysing spoken, print and online language.  

You will develop an analytical toolkit of grammatical terminology and linguistic theories that will enable you to dissect any text. Year two includes spoken language and language over time modules, plus an independent research project. 

We focus on how language reflects and constructs power in our world and examine how people adapt language to suit different purposes and contexts. You will also write in a variety of genres and learn how to use your toolkit to analyse your own writing.

Updated October 2021

Entry Requirements

You need a minimum of seven GCSE passes at grade C or above. A Grade B in GCSE English Language is required and a Grade B in English Literature is also desirable

Course Delivery

You will be taught by two lecturers, for four lessons per week, totalling 4.5 hours for AS and A2 students. Assessment will include timed assignments, presentations and a mock exam at Christmas.

At AS Level:
Unit 1 – Exploring Language – 1.5 hr exam
Unit 2 – Language Issues and Original Critical Writing – 2 hour exam

At A Level
Unit 3 – Language Over Time – 1.5hr exam
Unit 4 – Spoken Texts and Creative Re-casting – 2 hr exam
Unit 5 – Language and Identity  - Non-examination assessment
A 2500-3500 word investigation of language in use.

Progression Opportunities

University study and careers in English Language, creative writing, journalism, advertising and communications, applied, forensic and computational linguistics, modern languages, translation or teaching.

Course deliverable in Welsh: