Fine Art

Course Overview

The course is a practical exploration of traditional and contemporary practice within fine art and encourages learners to develop their own skills and direction within the broad definition of the subject.  Students are encouraged to learn from the work of others and to develop this knowledge within their own personal explorations. 

A full range of diverse practice is encouraged and all students are expected to challenge themselves within a wide spectrum of materials, techniques and processes and learn from the work of other artists.

The qualification is split into two parts - the AS qualification is awarded for the successful completion of the first year and the A2 (full A Level) is awarded for the successful completion of the full two year provision.

Year 1 (the AS part of the course) is delivered through two units. Unit 1 is a centre set assignment designed to explore and develop a wide range of skills within Fine Art. Unit 2 is an externally set assignment (set by the exam board).

Year 2 (A2) is also delivered through two units. The first unit (Unit 3) is a self-generated brief in which learners negotiate their own topic with teaching staff. An extended essay is also required to accompany this unit.

Unit 4 is an externally set assignment (exam board).

Each unit of the course carries the same weighting (in terms of mark) and a qualification is awarded at the end of year one and year two (for those who continue their studies into the second year).


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Entry Requirements

The college entry requirements apply with the additional requirement that at least one of the GCSE passes must be an art and/or design subject.

Course Delivery

The course is delivered by staff with the experience and expertise to challenge all students at all levels.

All work is continuously assessed and a final grade is submitted at the completion of each unit.

AS and A2 students have 4.5 hours of contact time each week, although considerably more is expected from students outside of this time.

Progression Opportunities

Students successfully passing the A Level Fine Art course could progress to higher education via the traditional route of an extra year of the Foundation Course in Art and Design or the Foundation Degree in Fashion and Textile Design

Additional Information

Please note that there is a studio fee of £30 for this course.

Course deliverable in Welsh: