Course Overview

The course will build on existing skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Through the study of themes such as being a young person in the Spanish speaking world, you will develop an understanding of the culture and way of life. 

In the first year, you will also study a film. You will enjoy the support of a native speaker for oral and general linguistic help and spend time in the language laboratory to practise listening and pronunciation skills.

Updated November 2019

Entry Requirements

GCSE profile to include a grade B in Spanish and English.

Course Delivery

4.5 hours teaching, one hour language assistant and exam based assessment.

AS (two units)
SN1 20% Oral
Examiner led discussion of topics / general conversation
SN2 30% Listening, Reading and Writing
Listening and responding / Reading and responding /Grammar tasks /Translation target language – English /essay

A Level (the above plus a further two units)
SN3 20% Oral
Structured Discussion/Exposé
SN4 30% Listening Reading and Writing
Listening and responding / Reading and responding /Translation English – target language

Progression Opportunities

Many of our students continue their study of languages at university and can look forward to careers in translating, interpreting and teaching. As well as being the official language of Spain and 19 Latin American nations, in the USA also there are over 34 million Spanish speakers. Spanish opens up not only the real Spain, but gives access to Latin America, with its vast potential for economic development and tourism.

More and more students in other fields (e.g. sciences, music, and technology) are also studying a foreign language as career prospects expand in Europe and the wider world. Your first smart career move could be to get another language at A Level!

Among the universities to which students have progressed are Oxford, Cardiff, Swansea, Bristol, Bath and Exeter.

Speaking another language increases employability, improves communication skills, independence and self-confidence.

Additional Information

Many students pursue work experience opportunities during the summer vacation or before going to university.

Students are encouraged to attend relevant cultural events in the local area e.g. the Latin American film festival.

Course deliverable in Welsh: