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Myfyriwr yn gwenu / Smiling student

A career rethink thanks to Chemistry!

Ruby Millinship was planning on a career in design until she started studying A Level Chemistry at Gower College Swansea.

“I decided to take chemistry just to try it out really, I was a little intrigued by it at GSCE and wanted to find out more,” says Ruby. “Within the first two weeks, I had found a subject that just came naturally to me. Learning chemistry felt like learning a subject that was already in my mind; it just made sense. Organic chemistry was what first sparked my interest and I soon wanted to know everything I could about it.”

For Ruby, the best thing about studying STEM subjects is that they give you the confidence to question things – they make you want to ‘know why.’

She now plans to study chemistry at higher education and has been offered places at Warwick, Bristol, and Bath. There is also an offer on the table from the University of York to study chemistry, green principles and sustainable processes.

After that, Ruby hopes to discover an element of chemistry or organic chemistry that she will want to carry on researching, possibly to PhD level and beyond.

“Ideally I would like to focus on energy, sustainability and renewables,” she says. “Or maybe conduct some cutting-edge research into the future of our world. I can’t help myself from trying to find ways of fixing it all!”

Historically there has been a lack of young female students going into the STEM industries, but this tide is slowly turning.
“My advice is just to go for it!” Ruby says. “Maths and science can feel daunting at first but they’re very rewarding and there are so many different types of people with different career paths who take STEM subjects, so it won’t limit you in the future. And don’t be scared by the long science words, they’re not as bad as you think!”

For Ruby, her love of chemistry seemingly came from nowhere but she is so glad she found her passion in science.

“I come home from College and try to explain to my parents all the amazing things I learned in my lessons,” she laughs. “They are fed up with it now!”