A Skills for Industry success story

Updated 07/12/2017

The Skills for Industry European Social Fund (ESF) project aims to develop the skill levels of employed individuals, including self-employed participants with no formal qualifications and those with qualifications up to and including Level 7.

The project aims to assist progression by supporting training that ensures work placed learning provision meets the needs of employers and individual workers. The project also addresses key skills gaps in the labour market which can support economic growth and individual progression and, therefore, ensures that skills remain current and the needs of employers are met.

Alex, a participant on the Skills for Industry ESF project, had already completed his Level 2 qualifications in Health and Social Care and was keen to progress further so he enrolled at Gower College Swansea to attain a Level 3 Diploma. Not only did this increase his skills level within the workplace, it also resulted in better care for his clients, increased performance and specialist knowledge, and optimum returns from the employer’s investment.

The support of the Skills for Industry project enabled Alex to increase his confidence within his work role, progress to the higher level qualification and learn to adapt and embrace change.

Skills for Industry funding played a large part in enabling Alex to develop in his role and to continue improving his skills whilst remaining an essential part of his organisation. As a direct result of Skill for Industry funding, he has achieved a Level 5 Advanced Practice qualification which has allowed for significant progression within his role. 

Alex is now working towards his TAQA (Teaching and Learning) qualification, all the time growing in confidence and gaining new skills to enable him to have a better understanding of his role and the sector in which he works. In addition, he will have the opportunity to pursue additional career paths within the organisation and pass on his knowledge and skills to other employees. 

Alex has worked hard through all levels - from starting off at Level 2 with limited skills and knowledge to having completed a Level 5 in advanced practice. This has been a considerable personal achievement and Alex can now use his knowledge and skills to manage a team of staff and ensure the smooth operation and management of his workplace.