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Adult Learning Partnership Swansea unveils new strategic plan

The Adult Learning Partnership Swansea (ALPS) is proud to announce the launch of its new strategic plan, aimed at revolutionising adult education in the local community.

Funded by Welsh Government, ALPS is a collective of prominent institutions which serves as a beacon of accessible, high-quality education, catering to the diverse needs and aspirations of local adult learners.

“Gower College Swansea is committed to the strategic priorities and aims of the Adult Learning Partnership Swansea,” says Principal Kelly Fountain who is also the new Chair of the Adult Learning Partnership Board. “Together, we look forward to delivering engaging learning experiences across a wide range of subject areas, equipping adult learners throughout the City and County of Swansea with increased opportunities to enhance their knowledge, skills, and well-being.”

The ALPS Strategic Plan is founded upon a framework of goals and drivers, designed to propel adult learning into a new era of innovation and inclusivity. Central to this framework are the following key elements:

  1. Provide a Coordinated Curriculum: ALPS aims to provide a curriculum that meets individual, local, and national needs, involving learners in decision-making and expanding opportunities for adult learning.
  2. Promote Continuous Improvement: ALPS promotes a culture of continuous improvement and sharing of best practices, with a focus on learner feedback and professional learning opportunities.
  3. Empower Learners: ALPS prioritises literacy, numeracy, digital literacy, employability and life skills development for learners, promoting confidence and lifelong learning.
  4. Focus on Health and Well-being: ALPS aims to create safe and inclusive learning environments, recognizing the benefits of social interaction, and providing support for learners’ well-being.

Beth John, Adult Learning Wales Regional Manager, South, West and Mid comments “The ALPS Strategic Plan is borne out of a strong commitment by all partners across the Partnership, to ensure that the learning needs of adults, in all communities across the City and County of Swansea, are fully realised, and that relevant and meaningful learning opportunities are created. Adult Learning Wales looks forward to working closely with partners, to ensure that lifelong learning thrives, and that all communities have access to a varied and rich curriculum offer, which supports and develops individuals’ skills, and promotes positive health and wellbeing.”

The full plan can be found at the ALPS website.