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International Study Visit to Cyprus

Gower College Swansea Enterprise Champion, Claire Reid, is heading to Cyprus next month as part of an international study, looking at entrepreneurial skills in young people.

The trip, which is organised by the British Council, will take place over five days and comprises of teachers and lecturers from a variety of educational settings from all over the UK. They will be visiting schools, non-government organisations and businesses in the Nicosia region.

Claire, a business lecturer and Enterprise Champion, will be travelling to the European country for five days and says “this is a fantastic opportunity to develop knowledge and skills which I can share with other settings throughout Wales and beyond.”

The aim of the trip is to bring back knowledge to College students and staff and to highlight the international opportunities available to them.

Skills Manager, Fiona Neill said “Claire is passionate about her role as enterprise champion. She works with learners across the College to help them realise their potential as entrepreneurs and ensures they receive support and skills they need.”

She added “In Cyprus, Claire will have opportunities to network and collaborate with other enterprise educators on a variety of exciting ideas and projects to bring back to College.”