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Media medal haul for Gower College Swansea

Seven Gower College Swansea students have medalled in the Media and Creative category of Skills Competition Wales.

Congratulations to Pariyah, a band consisting of Jasmin Eagles, Dylan Hodges, Alexa Jones-Young, Matthew Thirwell and Eleri Van Block in the Popular Music competition; Leah Jones in the Visual Merchandising competition and Wiktoria Nebka in the Fashion Design and Technology competition.

Skills Competition Wales is a series of competitions delivered by the Inspiring Skills Excellence in Wales project on behalf of the Skills Ambassador Network, a group of training providers from across Wales that engage and support competitors to achieve and succeed.

Pariyah played an outstanding live performance which had the judges rushing down to speak to them after their set.

Both Leah and Wiktoria’s competitions were live realisations of their design work submitted in a passive round where they were selected as one of six finalists; Leah creating a window display and Wiktoria making a shirt, both with the theme of fashion and sustainability. They were judged by both University of Wales staff and industry professionals.

All Media and Creative winners will find out which medals they have won in a Celebration event in Cardiff on Thursday 19 March.