ACCA Strategic Business Leader (Formerly P1 & P3)

Course Overview

Our courses in professional accountancy are accredited by the ACCA and we are a Platinum Approved Learning Partner.  We are currently the only Further Education Centre in the UK to hold this level of tuition.  They are designed to provide the knowledge, skills and professional values which will develop accounting professionals to build success careers; whether they work in the public or private sector, practice in an accounting organisation or pursue a career in business.

Unit: SBL – Strategic Business Leader   
You will be able to:

  • Apply excellent leadership and ethical skills to set the ‘tone from the top’ and promote a positive culture within the organisation, adopting a whole organisation perspective in managing performance and value creation.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the governance and agency system of an organisation and recognise the responsibility of the board or other agents towards their stakeholders, including the organisation’s social responsibilities and the reporting implications.
  • Evaluate the strategic position of the organisation against the external environment and the availability of internal resources, to identify feasible strategic options.
  • Analyse the risk profile of the organisation and of any strategic options identified, within a culture of responsible risk management.
  • Select and apply appropriate information technologies and data analytics, to analyse factors affecting the organisation’s value chain to identify strategic opportunities and implement strategic options within a framework of robust IT security controls.
  • Evaluate management reporting and internal control and audit systems to ensure compliance and the achievement of organisation’s objectives and the safeguarding of organisational assets.
  • Apply high level financial techniques from Skills exams in the planning, implementation and evaluation of strategic options and actions.
  • Enable success through innovative thinking, applying best in class strategies and disruptive technologies in the management of change; initiating, leading and organising projects, while effectively managing talent and other business resources.
  • Apply a range of Professional Skills in addressing requirements within the Strategic Leader examination and in preparation for, or to support, current work experience.

Entry Requirements

Completion of ACCA modules F1 to F9 or degree exemptions
Open to students of all ages.

Course Delivery

All tuition is based around classroom lecturers by highly qualified and experienced members of staff.
Formal examinations are offered four times a year by the ACCA.

Progression Opportunities

Students will be able to study and progress to other ACCA papers optional subjects

The course also provides a qualification that employers are looking for.

Additional Information


  • Course Fees £615 per paper
  • ACCA Membership Fee £ 79
  • ACCA Enrolment Fee £ 97
  • ACCA Exemption Fees £ 74 to £100 per paper
  • Exam Fee approx £ 190 per paper
  • Books approx £ 25 per paper

This course can be funded through our Skills For Industry Scheme – please ask for details.

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