Advanced Coding Skills

Level 3
15 weeks
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This is the ability to learn more advanced techniques when writing software applications (using a modern programming language C#, java). The typical student will have a more advanced understanding on how to implement software using event driven programming, be able to refine a event driven program to improve on quality and be able to test the operation of an event driven program.

Note: This is a follow on course from Create an Event Driven Computer Program Level 2

Added August 2018

Key information

Entry Requirements

Agored Create an Event Driven Computer Program Level 2

Course Delivery

This course is delivered over 15 weeks at three hours per week. Assessment includes a portfolio of work

Progression Opportunities

Agored Create Data-Driven Application Level 4

Additional Information

Student should have a suitable storage device for their work. Student will also need to download Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition (free)

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