Part Time French

Course Overview

Stage 1

The course is aimed at people who studied the language at school and wish to refresh their knowledge. After a revision of 'holiday situations' such as eating out, asking for directions or booking accommodation, participants will learn how to make descriptions, discuss their leisure and use the past and future tenses.

Stage 2

Being comfortable with basic greetings and introductions, students embarking on our stage 2 course will be able to increase their confidence in dealing with more holiday situations as well as gaining a greater cultural understanding. The lessons will comprise a range of activities including reading, listening and speaking activities.

Two hour sessions take place every week. Each lesson contains a mix of reading, listening and speaking activities. You will sometimes work on your own, in pairs or in groups.

Course Delivery

There is no exam but you will be informally assessed throughout the course.

Course deliverable in Welsh:
Thanks for your interest in this course.
We currently have no available classes so please check back soon for alternative dates and times.