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User Centred Design (UCD) Level 2 - Apprenticeship

Apprenticeship, GCS Training
Level 2
Jubilee Court
12 months
Telephone: 01792 284400 (Jubilee Court)


User Centred Design (UCD) is a fully-funded apprenticeship designed for individuals in the workplace who have a responsibility for designing websites, applications and other interactive information. User Centred Design means designing from the point of the user, where design and development teams use data on users’ needs, goals and feedback to create highly usable and accessible websites and applications. The more commonly known topic of User Experience (UX) is covered within this apprenticeship. 

The apprenticeship can be used to upskill new or existing staff. Suitable roles include accessibility specialist, content designer, content strategist, graphic designer, interaction designer, service designer, technical writer and user researcher. 

Key information

To be eligible for apprenticeship funding, the apprentice must be employed for more than 16 hours per week and based in Wales.

The delivery of the apprenticeships will consist of a blended approach, including face-to-face and online delivery. Learners will be allocated a dedicated tutor/assessor who will work closely with both learners and the employer to ensure the units selected are suited to their individual roles and organisational priorities. The tutor/assessor will visit the learner every 4-6 weeks to assess progress and set objectives for the next period. 

Learners will be assigned project work set to their elected units, as well as be expected to gather evidence from their role to demonstrate the application of their new skills. The learner may be expected to attend seminars or workshops in addition to work-based learning, which will focus on the knowledge element of the programme and support in developing understanding, skills and experience in this area.

Mandatory units

  • Impact of visual impairment on digital accessibility 
  • Impact of neurodiversity on digital accessibility 
  • Sustainable development and global citizenship
  • Improving readability of digital resources
  • Ethical design in User Centred Design (UCD)
  • Identifying and characterising users of digital services
  • Digital content design
  • Interactive devices and interaction design

Optional units

  • Bespoke software
  • Specialist software
  • Understanding the potential of IT
  • Desktop publishing techniques
  • Support customer service improvements
  • Data processing 
  • Collate and report data
  • IT project management

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