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Mathematics A Level

Level 3
A Level
Two years
Telephone: 01792 890700 (Gorseinon)


In this course, you will engage in a comprehensive study of various topics. The Pure Mathematics part of the course will introduce you to geometry, algebra and functions, calculus and numerical analysis. In Statistics you will study statistical sampling, data presentation and interpretation, probability and statistical distributions. Lastly, Mechanics will cover kinematics, Newton's laws, vectors, moments, and differential equations.  

Course Objectives: 

  • Develop a deep understanding of various areas of mathematics and how they relate to each other
  • Expand your mathematical skills and techniques, enabling you to solve more complex and unstructured problems
  • Improve your logical reasoning abilities, allowing you to identify incorrect reasoning, make generalisations, and construct mathematical proofs
  • Acquire skills relevant to exploring and analysing large data sets, and interpret data presented in summary or graphical form.

Key information

  • A minimum of seven GCSE’s grade A*-C, to include English Language
  • To include grade A Mathematics from the Higher Tier (grade B from the higher tier may be considered).

  • 4.5 Hours of lecture time a week  
  • Weekly homeworks 
  • Class assessment every half term 
  • AS Unit 1:  Pure Mathematics A (2 hour 30 minutes)      
  • AS Unit 2:  Applied Mathematics A (1 hour 45 minutes)      
  • A2 Unit 3: Pure Mathematics B (2 hour 30 minutes)   
  • A2 Unit 4: Applied Mathematics B (1 hour 45 minutes) 

With an A Level in Mathematics, you could go into rewarding careers in various fields, including: 

  • Financial analyst 
  • Computer programmer 
  • Medical scientist 
  • Actuary 
  • Software developer 
  • Economist 
  • Data or research analyst 
  • Accountant 
  • Teacher 

The versatile skill-set and problem-solving abilities developed through A Level Mathematics provide a strong foundation for success in these diverse and fulfilling professions. Whether you choose to venture into finance, technology, healthcare, education, or other fields, the possibilities are vast and promising with an A Level in Mathematics. 

You will need a CASIO FX-991EX Advanced Engineering/Scientific Calculator. These can be purchased from the campus library in Gorseinon. 

We offer opportunities to sit the UKMT Challenges, Ser Mathemateg and STEP/MAT exams.