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Computer Science A Level

Level 3
A Level
Two years
Telephone: 01792 890700 (Gorseinon)


The course recognises the importance of computer science in the modern world. To be part of this exciting development you will need an understanding of the technical and scientific areas that make it possible. This course provides you with a comprehensive understanding of fundamental principles and concepts in computer science.  

The course emphasises the development of critical thinking, creative problem-solving, and analytical skills, as well as the capacity to see connections between different aspects of computer science.  

It allows you to develop programming skills using modern visual languages. A keen interest and enthusiasm for wanting to write your own bespoke programs is essential and interest in both hardware and software is necessary as the theory content covers many aspects of these topics. 

Mathematical skills are developed relevant to computer science and you explore the individual, social, legal, and ethical implications of computing.  

Key information

  • Minimum of seven GCSEs grade A*-C, including Maths (B), English (C) 
  • GCSE in Computer Science / Digital Technology is advantageous but not compulsory 

In Year 1 (AS), you will study two units (40% of A-level) 

  • UNIT1: Fundamentals of Computer Science (25%) 
    Written examination: 2 hours  
    (62.5% of AS qualification) 
  • UNIT2: Practical Programming to Solve Problems (15%) 
    On-screen examination: 2 hours 
    (37.5% of AS qualification) 

In Year 2 (A), you will study three units (60% of A-level) 

  • UNIT3: Programming and System Development (20%) 
    Written examination: 2 hours  
  • UNIT4: Computer Architecture, Data, Communication and Applications (20%) 
    Written examination: 2 hours  
    20% of qualification 
  • UNIT5: Programmed Solution to a Problem (20%) 
    Non-exam assessment  

The dynamic field of computer science presents a wide range of promising pathways for career advancement and personal growth. 

If you plan on furthering your education, many students choose to study computer science at university, whilst others use it as a solid logical base to study other subjects. Students have secured places to study this subject at many of the prestigious Russell Group universities. 

If university is not for you, then this course can open up a wide range of employment and apprenticeship opportunities in Software Development, Web Development, Systems Analysis, Data Analytics, Network Design and Cybersecurity Analyst to name but a few. 

  • A home PC/Laptop capable of running Windows 10/11 and Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 (Community Version – Free) 
  • Most typed work can be done using Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint. This will be available free via Office 365 so there is no requirement to purchase software for this.  
  • If using a Mac, then additional software may be necessary to run the required software