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Llwyn y Bryn
10 weeks
Telephone: 01792 284021 (Llwyn y Bryn)


This course is an opportunity to develop traditional and contemporary floristry skills and is for anyone who is perhaps thinking of starting up their own business from home or opening a shop or just wanting to learn a little more about how to arrange flowers.

The workshops will cover a range of techniques and encourage you to explore your own ideas for development. Developing a new arrangement every week, you will explore seasonal arrangements and use plant materials to support your own tastes and ideas.

Key information

No previous experience necessary, just an interest in the subject area. Learners would benefit from attending each term to build skills in preparation for the term two and term three courses, although this is not a barrier to attending each term as a standalone course.

This course is delivered in the art and design studios at the Llwyn y Bryn campus. During the course learners will complete a booklet of outcomes. This is assessed in order to certificate for the qualification.

Progression from any part time course could offer a pathway to full time courses in art and design. For adult learners considering a creative career, the Foundation Diploma in Art and Design course could provide a progression route for this.