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Microcredential in Green Roofs

Level 4
10 weeks
Telephone: 01792 284000 (Tycoch)


The Microcredential in Green Roofs is a 20 credit, Level 4 module that is a standalone qualification. It will cover green roofing in the built environment, from concept to design, planning, implementation, maintenance and stewardship. The topics covered put this specialist green infrastructure technique in line with legislation, policy and guidance, as well as into practice in towns and cities, from new buildings to retrofitting existing rooftops with green/living roofs. 

The qualifications aims to:

  • Introduce learners to the fundamental principles of green roofs and their design
  • Develop knowledge and understanding of where green roofs sit in relation to the climate crisis.

The qualification learning outcomes are:

  • Explain the global market value and potential of green roofs
  • Identify the benefits of green roofs for climate resilience 
  • Calculate the benefits of a specific green roof for climate resilience 
  • Demonstrate project management of a planned green roof project from design to implementation.

Key information

Combinations of the qualifications below are acceptable, and other qualifications not listed may also be accepted on an individual basis:

  • Typical A-Level offer: DD
  • Typical BTEC offer: relevant BTEC Level 3 profile of Merit/Pass or Pass/Pass/Pass
  • Typical Welsh Bacc offer: Grade C and DE at A Level
  • Typical Access to HE offer: Pass Diploma with 60 credits overall to include 45 Level 3 credits all passes.

Candidates who do not possess normal minimum entry qualifications e.g. mature students with relevant employment experience, will be considered on an individual basis by the programme lead and other members of the programme team.

The qualification will be delivered over 42 formal contact hours, consisting of:

  • 8 hours of classroom delivery
  • 8 hours of site visits 
  • 8 hours of group sessions
  • 4 hours of guest speakers
  • 4 hours of assignment workshops
  • 10 hours of project presentations

The course will be taught online and in-person to give you the flexibility to study at a higher level. There will be site visits when possible, which will be conducted on days where contact time is planned. 

This microcredential is designed to be a standalone qualification for professionals within the industry or aiming to work in the industry. There are other microcredentials that you can apply for both within Gower College Swansea and Swansea University. 

The qualification will be assessed through two primary assessments:

  • A 3000 word project plan
  • A poster presentation.