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Writing and Designing for Social Media

10 weeks
Telephone: 01792 284000 (Tycoch)


On this course candidates will be introduced to a variety of experiences, exploring a range of social media, design and writing techniques and processes. They will explore and develop understanding of popular social media platforms as well as new emerging digital technologies.

Candidates will develop a wide range of skills that will enhance their ability to create engaging and versatile online content. Learners will also explore social media strategies, users and resources relating to a range of online content, from past and current events, including local and worldwide examples.


Key information

There are no specific entry requirements for this course.

The course is classroom based, delivered in 2.5-hour sessions per week. This adds up to 25 hours of lesson time over the period of 10 weeks. Although this enables the students to successfully complete the course, it is essential for students to spend extra time per week studying the subject, to ensure high levels of success. 

The assignments that students produce are continuously assessed, but an overall mark is awarded when the projects are completed and finally submitted. There is no written exam, but students are assessed on the written elements embedded within the coursework.

 This course is an unaccredited qualification that will provide learners with a strong portfolio of social media work, and an advanced knowledge of the application of social media in today's competitive market.

Areas of study

Candidates will develop skills and understanding in a variety of area(s) linked to social media production, such as those listed below:

  • Creating a verbal and visual brand
  • Graphic design skills
  • Market and audience research
  • Photography and video for social media
  • Communication and audience interaction strategies.

Skills and techniques

Candidates will be expected to demonstrate skills, in the context of writing and designing for social media plus:

  • An understanding of design elements and principals, composition, typography and colour and their application within the format of social media.
  • The ability to develop effective verbal and written content to increase audience engagement.
  • An awareness of intended audience or purpose for their chosen area of social media.
  • An ability to respond to an issue, concept, or idea, working on creative solutions that meet the needs and demands of an effective social media presence.
  • The knowledge and application of external software's to enhance the versatility of your online content.

Knowledge and understanding

  • How ideas, feelings and meanings can be conveyed and interpreted on social media.
  • Historical and contemporary developments, and applications of the different social media platforms and their uses in today's market.
  • The strengths and weaknesses of individual social media platforms and their issue.
  • Continuity and change of different approaches, genres, and traditions relevant to social media.
  • The working vocabulary and specialist terminology which is relevant to the chosen area(s) of social media.
  • Audience psychology and how to engage the active user.

Aims of the course

The creation and development of this course aims to encourage candidates to develop:

  • Intellectual, imaginative, and creative skills.
  • An interest in, enthusiasm for, and enjoyment of writing and designing social media content.
  • Experience of working with a broad range of social media, including contemporary and emerging technologies and softwares.
  • Development of artistic skills which will aid you in the production of engaging content.
  • Understanding and application of branding for social media.
  • An awareness of the distinct roles, functions, markets, audiences, and consumers of social media.

Students are required to have a basic toolkit with them including pencils, pens, ruler, eraser, notepad and A4 sketchbook whenever they have a class. A list of essentials will be given at the start of the course.