Course Overview

The course will build on your existing skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Through the study of themes such as being a young person in the French speaking world, you will develop an understanding of the culture and way of life. 

In the first year, you will also study a film. You will enjoy the support of a native speaker for oral and general linguistic help and spend time in the language laboratory to practise listening and pronunciation skills.

Checked November 2019


Entry Requirements

GCSE profile to include French and English at grade B.

Course Delivery

4.5 hours teaching, one hour language assistant and exam based assessment.

AS (2 units)
FN1 20% Oral
Examiner led discussion of topics / General conversation

FN2 30% Listening, Reading and Writing
Listening and responding / Reading and responding /Grammar tasks /Translation (French to English) /essay

A Level (the above plus a further two units)

FN3 20% Oral
Structured discussion / Exposé

FN4 30% Listening Reading and Writing
Listening and responding / Reading and responding /Translation (English to French)

Progression Opportunities

Many of our students continue their study of languages at university and can look forward to careers in translating, interpreting and teaching.

Being able to speak a language increases a student’s employability because language students typically combine academic qualifications with a range of other skills, including excellent oral and written communication skills, independence and self-confidence.

Among the universities to which students have progressed are Cardiff, Swansea, Bristol, Bath, Exeter, London (King’s, UCL, University of London Institute in Paris) and Oxford.

Additional Information

The department runs a successful educational visit to France each year and students are given full opportunities to practise their oral skills.

Many students pursue work experience opportunities during the summer vacation or before going to university.

Students are encouraged to attend relevant cultural events in the local area e.g. French language films at the Taliesin.


Course deliverable in Welsh: