Course Overview

In the modern, globalised and ever changing world, studying geography is more important than ever in helping us tackle the challenges we face.

As Barack Obama said: "It's about understanding the complexity of our world," and geography is unique in bridging the social sciences and natural sciences. Areas of study covered include: 

  • Tectonic hazards and management
  • Urban challenges and regeneration
  • Coastal landforms and processes
  • Global systems including climate change and flooding
  • Global governance including migration and ocean management
  • Economic growth and challenge in India

Updated August 2021

Entry Requirements

If GCSE Geography is taken, then at least a C grade is required. If students do not have this, then they will be considered on their overall GCSE profile.

Course Delivery

Classroom based with field trips throughout the year.

Progression Opportunities

Careers in conservation, civil engineering, hazard management, marine biology, climate change research, environmental consultancy, planning, international relations, economic advisors etc.

Geography can be studied at university and is also considered a facilitating subject which can help with entry into Russell Group universities. 

Additional Information

We run various field trips throughout the course including a Gower sand dune study, a Swansea city centre study and a two day residential trip to the Dorset Jurassic coastline.

Course deliverable in Welsh: