Health and Social Care

Course Overview

This course allows students to build and apply skills as well as academic knowledge. It provides a broad base of understanding, whilst allowing students to also focus on the following specialist areas:

Unit 1: Promoting Quality Care and Communication

This AS unit is a mandatory unit that will be externally assessed. The unit introduces candidates to factors affecting the quality of life. The care principles, skills and techniques required by both formal and informal carers to treat individuals well within a range of care settings.

This unit provides a basis for the understanding and application of other units.

The content of this unit includes:

  • Factors affecting the quality of life of individuals

  • Principles of care

  • Caring skills and techniques

  • Barriers to communication and quality care

  • Rights and responsibilities of providers and individuals

Unit 2: Promoting Good Health

This AS unit is a mandatory unit that will be internally assessed.

This unit will enable candidates to gain knowledge and understanding of the factors that influence an individual’s health and well-being, and how recent government initiatives promote good health.

The content of this unit includes:

• Perspectives of health and well-being

• Factors that affect health and well-being

• Preventative measures to avoid ill health

• Job roles of key workers in Health Promotion

• Techniques used within Health Promotion   

Unit 7: Provision of Health, Social Care and Children’s Services

This A2 unit is a mandatory unit that will be externally assessed.

In this unit, candidates will need to study the main health, social care and children’s services to meet individual needs.

The content of the unit includes:

• Service provision in the local area

• Meeting individual needs

• Practitioner roles within multi-disciplinary teams

• Quality assurance procedures

• Effects of national policy and legislation on service provision

Unit 9: Working in Health and Social Care                                                                              

This A2 unit is an optional unit that will be internally assessed. The aim of this unit is to help candidates prepare for employment within the areas of health, social care and children’s services. It will enable them to reflect on their own suitability for employment in different job roles, and will also provide opportunities to build on their knowledge and understanding of caring skills/ techniques.

The content of this unit includes:

• The main employment sectors in health, social care and children’s services

• Job roles of practitioners

• The qualifications and skills needed by practitioners

• Caring skills and techniques to meet the needs of individuals

Updated November 2018

Entry Requirements

Candidates should have achieved a general education level equivalent to Level 2 in the National Qualifications Framework.

Seven GCSEs Grade A-C with C grade in English

Skills in numeracy/mathematics, literacy/English and Information Communication Technology will be relevant.

Prior study of the GCSE in Health and Social Care (double award) will be of benefit to candidates but is not mandatory; however, no prior level of attainment in Health and Social Care is required for this qualification.

Course Delivery

The A Level Health and Social Care is an applied A Level where students need to learn, understand and apply information to health care practice.

Progression Opportunities

This course gives students a wide choice of progression options into further study, training or employment.

Staying at Gower College Swansea, students can progress on to Foundation Degrees in Care and Support or Early Childhood or Community Work and Employability

Employment in social work, occupational therapy, speech and language, nursing, midwifery, psychology or early years.

Course deliverable in Welsh: