Course Overview

The aim of this subject is to provide students with the opportunity to acquire experience of performance, choreography and dance analysis.  Students do not need previous dance experience to undertake this qualification, just commitment and determination, as this subject has both practical and theoretical elements. 

AS outline
The focus of this course is the development and performance of your own choreography and performing as part of a duo/trio. You will have practical training on technique and the health and safety of the dancer. You will also develop critical skills in order to analyse choreography and performance within your own work along with professional repertoire.

Unit 1: Understanding Dance
Topic list

  • The dancer as performer: knowledge and understanding of the demands made in practice and performance on the dancer
  • The process and craft of choreography
  • The significance of dances.

Unit 2: Choreography and Performance
Topic list

  • The process of solo choreography from investigation and research of ideas through to outcome
  • Physical and interpretative skills in relation to performance of the solo choreography
  • Performance skills within a duo/trio performance context.

Section A: Solo Choreography and Performance (60 marks)
Choreograph and perform a solo dance, between two and three minutes' duration.

Section B: Performance in a duo/trio (30 marks)
Demonstrate performance skills within the context of a duo/trio. The dance must be between three and four minutes in duration.

A2 outline
A2 gives you the opportunity to develop skills and extend and apply knowledge gained at AS level. The focus of choreography is shifted towards group dance. You will develop knowledge and understanding of a specific area of study.  Performance skills will be developed in relation to one of the specific areas of study.

Unit 3 Appreciation: Content and Context
Topic list

  • Investigating one area of study
  • Critical analysis and appreciation of one set work

Unit 4: Group Choreography and Solo Performance
Topic list

  • Group choreography from investigation and research of ideas through to outcome
  • Solo performance skills in relation to a specific practitioner within a specific area of dance study prescribed for Unit 3.

Updated July 2017

Entry Requirements

You do not need GCSE Dance but a GCSE profile to include English at Grade C is required. Students should display an interest in contemporary dance and a willingness to participate fully in extra rehearsal work.

You do not need previous dance experience, just commitment and determination. 

Course Delivery

From September 2017, the following A Levels (Electronics, Music Technology, Dance, Classics, Ancient History and Geology) have not been reformed by Qualifications Wales. This means they will only be offered by English examination bodies which have focused on linear delivery – with all exams and practical assessments taking place at the end of year two.

The AS Level is still available, but no module marks from any external assessment will be carried forward into year two and is a totally separate stand-alone qualification. If you are enrolling for a linear A Level, you must understand the level of commitment required for the two year course. There is a likely increase of examination time and requirements, and all external assessment will take place at the end of the two years.

Dance Specification at a glance

Unit 1 – DANC1 - Examination
Understanding Dance
40% of AS, 20% of A Level
1 hour 30 minutes examination - 60 marks

Unit 2 – DANC2
Choreography and Performance
60% of AS, 30% of A Level
Two sections: A – solo choreography and performance (60 marks)
B – performance in a duo/trio (30 marks)

A2 Examinations
Unit 3 – DANC3
Dance Appreciation: Content and Context
25% of A Level
1 hour 30 minutes examination - 80 marks

Unit 4 – DANC4
Group Choreography and Solo Performance
25% of A Level
Two sections: A – group choreography (45 marks)
B – solo performance (30 marks)

Progression Opportunities

Further study at university including leading institutions such as Bath Spa, Laban and London Contemporary Dance School. 

Employment opportunities exist in education, performance, administration and choreography.

Additional Information

Dance Academy
This gives you the opportunity to gain more practical experiences of choreography and performance, on a weekly basis, with other students on various courses.  It will provide valuable experience when you are developing your own choreography.

County Youth Dance Company (CYDC)
The County Youth Dance Company is based in Gower College Swansea (Gorseinon campus). Students have the opportunity to audition for the company if they wish. The aim of the company is to develop dancers’ skills through an educational structure involving technique and creative tasks, also to promote and support the further development of contemporary dance training, education and performance across the county of Swansea.  This is achieved with the support from Gower College Swansea and the Taliesin Arts Centre.

A studio fee of £100 is charged as a contribution towards theatre visits and workshops.



Course deliverable in Welsh