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STTEP (Students Transition Towards Employment Progression)

Entry Level 3
36 weeks
Telephone: 01792 284000 (Tycoch)


This one year course offers learners the opportunity to identify skills needed to consider employment progression and implements a variety of community volunteering projects.

Learners will have the opportunity to complete work experience to support their interests, this is normally an external placement such as at Morgans Hotel, Sainsbury's, Swansea University, Singleton Botanical Gardens or the Dragon Hotel.

Learners will have four hours per week of numeracy and literacy lessons in order to reinforce written, oral and numeracy skills as well as ICT, including using e-mail, personal finance and careers units. Learners will also have the opportunity to take part in elective studies, choosing from vocational tasters in subjects such as sport, catering and decorating household goods.

It is intended that learners will have the opportunity to meet with Careers Wales through the year, in order to create a transition link should students move on to employment.

Updated October 2017

Key information

Learners will have progressed from the Entry 1 and Entry 2 courses normally within the ILS department. Students will have shown that they can work independently, normally being able to travel independently. The course is geared for students who are ready or considering a move to employment. The students will also be working towards Entry 3 level in application of number and communication.

This one year course runs for four days, one being a day on external placement. The STTEP course is delivered during slots normally of an hour (up to three hour sessions for practical outdoor projects.) A typical day will be between 4-5 hours with breaks and lunchtime slots in between lessons. There are no set examination assessments however the EDEXCEL coursework is assessed through a combination of portfolio work, written and practical assessment, video and photographic evidence. Classes will usually have support staff present, able to support students when/if needed.

Students are offered interviews and support from Careers Wales through the year, with an intention for students to prepare and consider employment following the course. On completion of the course students can explore the possibilities of further part time work on the ATC Work Development Programme and also be introduced to the various part time or Level 1 courses available within the ILS department.