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Theatrical, Special Effects, Hair, and Media Make-Up Students at Students Awards 2023

The creative journey of our Theatrical, Special Effects, Hair, and Media Make-Up students

College theatrical, special effects, hair, and media make-up students stunned guests with their horror circus display at the Student Awards last week.

The combination of intricate special effects make-up, mesmerizing hair designs, and captivating performances brought the circus of nightmares to life.

This was the final project of the year for the busy students. From mesmerizing transformations for College theatre productions to captivating appearances at conventions, these students have showcased their boundless creativity and talent.

Special mention should be made to theatrical, special effects, hair, and media make-up student Orlagh Cronin. She won the Bernie Wilkes Award - Hair, Beauty and Holistic Student of the Year and also the overall Inspirational Student of the Year award.

In the College theatre production of Elf in December, students took the spotlight by bringing their expertise in hair, make-up, and special effects to create a magical experience. Their attention to detail and artistic prowess breathed life into the beloved story, leaving audiences in awe and adding an extra touch of authenticity to the performances.

Embracing the world of fantasy, these students embarked on the ‘Next Look Fantasy’ project, drawing inspiration from film, TV, and gaming. Their imaginative designs pushed the boundaries of make-up and hair artistry, resulting in captivating looks based from Bridgerton, Beetlejuice and Alice in Wonderland.

At the recent Swansea Comic and Gaming Convention, these talented students showcased their skills by displaying horror looks that left attendees in awe. Through their mastery of special effects make-up and hair designs, they captured the essence of gruesome injuries. They also shared their expertise with attendees, offering valuable tips and tricks to inspire others to explore their own creativity.

Continuing their artistic exploration, students immersed themselves in the theme ‘As If by Magic’, creating captivating fantasy looks. These designs transported viewers to enchanting realms, highlighting the students' ability to transform ordinary features into extraordinary works of art. The attention to detail and the imaginative flair showcased their commitment to their craft and their passion for bringing magical concepts to life.

From College productions to conventions, the theatrical, special effects, hair, and media make-up students have left a mark through their transformative projects this year.