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GCS Owls set to soar at Epic Lan 41

GCS Owls set to soar at Epic Lan 41

In an eagerly anticipated announcement, Gower College Swansea has revealed that a team of students from their GCS Owls Esports team will be making their debut appearance at Epic Lan 41, competing in the Valorant tournament.

This step forward marks another exciting chapter in the College's Esports journey as it continues to make waves in the competitive gaming landscape and participate in its first major LAN event.

Epic Lan is well-regarded in the Esports community for creating an energetic atmosphere that brings together gaming enthusiasts and dedicated players. Serving as a hub for Esports excellence, Epic Lan provides a platform for intense competition while also nurturing a space where friendships can be formed and a shared passion for gaming is embraced.

In contributing to this noteworthy opportunity for the GCS Owls, support has been provided by their industry partners - with the team giving special acknowledgment to Corsair, GT Omega and The Game Collection (a leading UK online games retailer specialising in PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and PC gaming) who have teamed up with Gower College Swansea to bring this exciting venture to life.

Dan Davies, Valorant Head Coach and Community Gaming Manager for the GCS Owls, expressed his delight at the prospect of students participating in such a prestigious event.

"Competing at Epic Lan 41 is a testament to the hard work and dedication our students put into Esports,” he says. “We're immensely grateful to the College’s management team and our industry partners for making this journey possible."

Kiran Jones, Social Media Manager for the GCS Owls, emphasized the collective joy felt among staff, saying:

"Events like Epic Lan 41 provide our students with invaluable experiences and opportunities. Our partnerships with industry leaders like GT Omega and The Game Collection reinforce our commitment to offering a well-rounded Esports education, extending beyond traditional classroom learning."

Gower College Swansea's dedication to providing a comprehensive Esports education is evident in their efforts to connect students with industry professionals. As part of their Esports education provision, the College arranges talks by prominent figures from the industry. Recent speakers have included Neilzinho from Heretics, Yangsin from Cloud9 and Anne Fish, a competitive Fortnite player and content creator.

Director of GCS Owls, Neil Griffiths, commented on the impact of these talks, saying:

"Having professionals share their insights and experiences is incredibly motivating for our students. It not only enhances their technical skills but also broadens their understanding of the Esports ecosystem."

While the GCS Owls Valorant team achieved an impressive top #1 finish in the Winter Split of the UK national division of the British Esports Student Championships - remaining undefeated - they acknowledge that Epic Lan will pose a unique challenge.

Team captain Ashton O'Brien shared his thoughts on the upcoming competition, stating:

"Epic Lan will undoubtedly be tough, but we're setting our sights on a Top 10 finish. Our primary goal is to enjoy the event, make new friends and relish the experience. We're ready for the challenge, and we can't wait to see what the tournament holds for us."

This announcement not only marks a significant milestone for Gower College Swansea but serves as an inspiring beacon for other schools and colleges contemplating participation in future Epic/LAN events.

The GCS Owls' journey reflects the College's commitment to nurturing Esports talent and creating opportunities for students to shine on a national and international stage. As the GCS Owls spread their wings at Epic Lan 41, the Esports community eagerly awaits their performance and wishes them every success in this thrilling endeavour.