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A return to rock for Gower College Swansea students

Two years of Covid restrictions have had a huge impact on the music industry. With performances either banned or heavily restricted, it has been a tough time for aspiring young musicians. Music performance students at Gower College Swansea adapted as best as they could, but closed-door live streams and socially distanced seated audiences haven’t been quite the same.

This all changed on Valentine’s Day as the learners took to the Bunkhouse in Swansea for a night of music.

A line-up of five College bands - Dormouse, Leccy Borse, FSHTNK, Konflix, and Avalanche - were met by a full crowd of students, friends, family, fans, and musicians from the local scene, keen to see what Gower College Swansea had been creating in the halls of Llwyn Y Bryn Campus.

For some this was the first time back to a live show, but for others it was their first time ever seeing a live performance. Nerves turned into laughter, shaking turned into dancing, and hushed conversations turned to cheering and singing. Smiles and hugs outside the venue translated to bouncing crowds and mosh pits inside.

The fate of the world is unknown, but one thing is certain; these students will have a lasting impact on the Swansea music scene! As they eventually leave the College to pursue their careers, they will bring life back into a culture that has really struggled through these troubling times.

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Photographs: Photography alumn Chris J Milligan