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Students Start Sustainable Shop

This week, our FdA Fashion & Textile Design students launched an online shop focussed on sustainable fashion.

Amended, a new student collective brand, uses solely sustainable practices at the heart of the design and manufacturing process in order to create bespoke handbags.

The students have created the unique pieces by combining remnants of fabrics, sustainable fabrics, and recycled clothing with zero waste cutting methods.

Each item is carefully designed and manufactured to minimise the impact on the environment and help contribute to a circular fashion economy.

“I am incredibly proud of this achievement,” said Susanne David, FdA Fashion Design with Enterprise Programme Leader. “I believe we are currently the only institution in the UK with its own in-house fashion brand, and, with it being a sustainable brand, it promotes the fact we are actively encouraging a more ethical and sustainable fashion experience for shoppers.

Providing our learners with this amazing opportunity also gives them the enterprising and commercial skills needed to join the competitive fashion industry, either as an employee or if they wanted to establish their own business upon graduation.”

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Anyone wishing to follow in these students’ footsteps can apply for the Foundation Degree in Fashion Design with Enterprise at Gower College Swansea.

The course aims to provide students with a high level of technical, creative, intellectual, and communication skills (visual, written and verbal) and provides the opportunity to develop the expertise necessary to pursue a career within the fashion and textile industries through either establishing your own enterprise or gaining employment.