IMI Level 3 Award in Electric/Hybrid Vehicle System Repair and Replacement

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Course Overview

This course is specifically designed to cover all aspects of Hybrid/Electrically Propelled Technology. Covering the basic procedures of safety in handling High Voltage systems through to content that looks at in depth on how the Propulsion and Re-Generation system is controlled. Along with the management of the Inverter power unit, a thorough understanding of Battery management and how information is used to maximize the efficiency of the system will be gained.

Other subjects covered include High Voltage AirConditioning compressors, DC-DC Converters, PTC Heater assemblies along with high pressure hydraulic braking systems and the management between conventional braking and regeneration braking balance. Suitable for Technicians carrying out repairs and replacement of Hybrid/Electrically Propelled HV components.

Subjects Covered 

  • Terminology 
  • Types of Hybrid/EV layouts 
  • Operational conditions 
  • Auto-Stop Systems 
  • Construction and function of Hybrid systems • Handling Hybrid components and safety procedures 
  • Construction and function of Electrically propelled/Hybrid systems 
  • Safe Shut-down procedures and Methods of electrical measurement 
  • Construction and function of components Identification of Control units, components and motor assembly – Practical (Subject to hardware availability) 
  • Battery construction and operation 
  • Brushless Motor Construction and operation • 3-Phase principles 
  • Motor control 
  • Electrical Regeneration 
  • Inverter Voltage rectification and regulation

Entry Requirements

You must be a qualified light vehicle diagnostic/master technician, Technical trainer/instructor, Automotive engineer and designer.

Course Delivery

The course will be delivered over 2 days in our workshop in Tycoch Campus.

Course deliverable in Welsh:
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