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AI Tools for Education

Part-Time, GCS Training
Jubilee Court
Four hours


This session will look into different FREE AI tools that can be useful within education. You will get hands on experience of using the tools to generate content, personalise learning experiences, ideas for activities, answer queries, add questions to YouTube videos, explain maths problems, generate questions from texts and rephrasing work to name a few. We will also look at tools that can help the learners generate notes from videos, ask them questions, prepare them for exams and much more. With so many tools out there, it is hard to know where to start. This workshop will allow you to use these in an environment where you can collaborate with others, ask questions and learn how to make the most of AI!

Key information

Ability to use a computer with a basic user level.

In person delivery at our Jubilee Court Campus.

Attend other digital workshops being delivered by Gower College Swansea.