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Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced Welding Skills Level 1/Level 2/Level 3

34 weeks
Telephone: 01792 284000 (Tycoch)


Whether you're a beginner or looking to enhance your skills, this course is designed to provide hands-on experience and theoretical knowledge in various welding techniques. From MIG/MMA and TIG welding to understanding different materials and safety practices, you'll gain the expertise needed to tackle welding projects with confidence. 

Processes covered are: 

  • MIG welding 
  • TIG welding 
  • MMA or gas welding 
  • Plate and pipe (stainless steel / aluminium).

Key information

 An Interview will be required prior to enrolment. 

Course delivery over 32 weeks which will be part classroom/workshop biased. 

Weld samples will require visual and NDT (Non Destructive Testing) supported with paper based exam to complete the course. 

Staying at Gower College Swansea you could choose either the HND in Electrical Engineering or HND in Mechnical Engineering at the College.

This course fast tracks to the second year of an apprenticeship programme or alternatively is acceptable entry to the Higher National Diploma. 

  • Practical sessions will require the use of PPE and this will need to be purchased prior to the course starting
  • You will require – flame retardant overalls, boots, a welding headshield and Gauntlet gloves. 

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