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Preparing for Leadership and Management in Children’s Care, Play, Learning and Development Level 4

Part-Time, Apprenticeship
Level 4
One year or two years
Telephone: 01792 284000 (Tycoch)


This comprehensive qualification is designed to equip aspiring leaders and managers in the field of child-centric environments with the essential skills, knowledge, and strategies needed to excel in their roles.

This course is available both as a part-time option (one year) and as an apprenticeship (two years).

Key information

Learners must attend an interview with the childcare team and course offers will be subject to a short literacy screening test.


Learners who are not currently in employment within a relevant setting may be required to undertake placement hours to gain the relevant experience required for the class tasks. 


Apprentices need to secure a school placement and you must be employed for a minimum of 16 hours per week in a suitable school with compulsory school aged children.

If you do not have the relevant qualifications in English and Mathematics (GCSE Grade C or above), you will need to study essential skills as part of your apprenticeship framework.

Students will be taught by lecturers with field experience who can support your learning and assessment process. Learners will also be offered a wealth of online learning materials which can support you to further develop your knowledge and skills in your own time. The course is assessed through a number of different class-based tasks with a mixture of internally and externally assessed tasks. 

The course is delivered by experienced lecturers through face-to-face delivery, one evening a week, at our Tycoch Campus.


  • Gain an understanding of leadership fundamentals  
  • Learn effective management techniques
  • Explore stages of child development and play based learning  
  • Understand the legal and regulatory frameworks  
  • Master communication skills  
  • Explore strategies to create inclusive practice. 


  • Learners will develop critical thinking skills to address challenges and adapt to evolving situations  
  • Discover avenues of personal growth as a leader and manager in CCPLD
  • Equip yourself with a recognised qualification that opens doors to leadership roles in various child-centered organisations.

Successfully completing this course will provide opportunities for you to progress onto:

  • Further Education: Level 5 Leadership and Management in CCPLD
  • Employment:
    • Manager or Director of a Childcare Center  
    • Early Childhood Educator
    • Child Development Specialist
    • Play Therapist
    • Education Administrator.

You will be required to undergo DBS checks at an additional cost.  

Students are assigned an assessor who will support you throughout your time on the programme. You will have access to a range of facilities and support services at the College to aid your learning experience. You will need to secure a school placement.