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Get Started in Carpentry Available in Welsh

Entry Level
Jubilee Court
10 weeks
Welsh delivery
Telephone: 01792 284400 (Jubilee Court)


The carpentry evening course is designed to provide training in the field of carpentry, catering to individuals with a keen interest in woodworking and construction. The course offers an overview of essential carpentry techniques, tools, and materials. Participants will gain practical skills and knowledge through hands-on workshops, interactive demonstrations, and classroom sessions.

By the end of the course, participants will have acquired the basic skills needed to carry out basic carpentry projects.

Key information

There are no formal entry requirements.

The carpentry evening course is delivered through a combination of practical workshops, interactive demonstrations, and classroom sessions. The course is structured to accommodate participants' busy schedules, with classes held in the evenings. During the practical workshops, students will have hands-on experience using various carpentry tools and materials. They will learn essential techniques and skills through guided practice and instructor-led demonstrations.

These sessions allow participants to develop their woodworking abilities and gain confidence in executing carpentry tasks. Overall, the carpentry evening course offers a well-rounded learning experience by combining hands-on practice, interactive demonstrations, and theoretical instruction. 

You could progress onto the full-time Level 1 Diploma in Construction Skills - Multi Skills.