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Get Started in Paint and Decorating Available in Welsh

Entry Level
Jubilee Court
10 weeks
Welsh delivery
Telephone: 01792 284400 (Jubilee Court)


The paint and decorating evening course offers an overview of the principles and techniques involved in painting and decorating. Learners will learn the essential skills needed to transform spaces through paint application, wallpapering, and decorative finishes.

The course covers topics such as surface preparation, colour theory, paint selection, brush, and roller techniques, as well as the proper use of tools and safety precautions.

Key information

There are no formal entry requirements.

The paint and decorating evening course is delivered through a combination of hands-on workshops, interactive demonstrations, and classroom sessions. Learners engage in practical exercises to apply paint, practice wallpapering, and explore decorative finishes. Classroom sessions cover theoretical concepts, colour theory, and safety guidelines.  

This evening course offers a flexible schedule, allowing learners to learn paint and decorating skills while accommodating their other commitments.

You could progress onto the full-time Level 1 Diploma in Construction Skills - Multi Skills.