Part-Time Spanish

Trosolwg o’r Cwrs

Stage 1

These classes are for complete beginners. They cover topics such as introducing oneself, (name, nationality, numbers, profession…) as well as topics, which tourists would encounter when travelling in a country where the language is spoken. It is assumed that participants have no experience in the language.

Stage 2/3

This course offers a natural progression for students who have completed either stage 1 or stage 2 and will focus on adding more vocabulary and structure to their existing knowledge. Students will also gain in confidence in using the language when on holidays in a Spanish speaking country.

Stage 3/4

This course is a natural progression for students who have completed the previous stages. It will carry on exploring holiday situations, adding more content to the conversations that could be encountered when travelling to a Spanish-speaking country. During the course you will find that your vocabulary, grammar and confidence will increase.

Dull Addysgu’r Cwrs

There is no exam but you will be informally assessed throughout the course. Two hour sessions take place every week. However, due to the current situation courses starting in September are expecting to be delivered online.

Cwrs ar gael yn Gymraeg: