Myfyrwyr yn dathlu cynigion o brifysgolion mawr eu parch

Mae’n myfyrwyr rhyngwladol wrthi’n dathlu cynigion gan rhai o brifysgolion gorau’r DU, gyda 20 o’r 24 yn gynigion gan brifysgolion Russell Group.

Eisiau gwybod rhagor?

Myfyrwyr rhyngwladol yn anelu’n uchel gyda cheisiadau Rhydgrawnt

Mae saith myfyriwr Safon Uwch Rhyngwladol wedi gwneud cais i astudio yn naill ai Caergrawnt neu Rydychen ym mis Medi 2019, mae hyn yn wych.

Darllenwch ragor yma

Dosbarth 2018

Cadarnhawyd lle i bob un o'n myfyrwyr rhyngwladol A2 gael astudio ym mhrifysgolion Grŵp Russell.

Dysgwch ragor

Cynigion Caergrawnt

Mae dau fyfyriwr sy’n astudio yng Ngholeg Gŵyr Abertawe ar hyn o bryd wedi cael cynigion i astudio ym Mhrifysgol Caergrawnt.

Dysgwch ragor

Croeso i Goleg Gŵyr Abertawe

Y Coleg Safon Uwch arweiniol yng Nghymru

Mae Coleg Gŵyr Abertawe yn un o'r colegau sy'n perfformio orau yn y DU. Lleolir y Coleg yn yr ardal ddynodedig gyntaf o harddwch naturiol eithriadol. Rydym yn enwog am ein rhaglen Safon Uwch, gyda chanlyniadau a chyfraddau dilyniant rhagorol i brifysgolion gorau'r DU.

Edrychwch ar ein Prosbectws Rhyngwladol i weld pam dylech astudio Safon Uwch yng Ngholeg Gŵyr Abertawe!



Safon Uwch

Mae Coleg Gŵyr Abertawe yn enwog am ei raglen Safon Uwch, gyda chanlyniadau a chyfraddau dilyniant rhagorol i’r prifysgolion gorau yn y DU.

We offer up to 40 different A level subjects for students to choose from.

Bob blwyddyn, mae hyd at 10 o’n myfyrwyr Safon Uwch yn symud ymlaen i Brifysgolion Caergrawnt a Rhydychen.

Dros y 3 blynedd diwethaf, mae dros 90% o’n myfyrwyr rhyngwladol wedi symud ymlaen i brifysgolion Russell Group, gan gynnwys Rhydgrawnt.

Gwyliwch ein ffilm i weld pam dylech chi astudio Safon Uwch gyda ni!



Cyfradd pasio 100% ar gyfer myfyrwyr Safon Uwch Rhyngwladol

Yn 2018, roedd ein myfyrwyr U2 rhyngwladol wedi cyflawni cyfradd pasio 100%, gyda chanran anhygoel o 64% yn ennill A* neu A.

Mae dros 90% o’r myfyrwyr eleni wedi symud ymlaen i brifysgol Russell Group, gan gynnwys Rhydgrawnt.

Gweld cyrchfannau prifysgol ein myfyrwyr rhyngwladol rhwng 2016 a 2018 

international a level success



Anelwch yn Uwch!

Rydym yn rhedeg rhaglenni arbenigol paratoi ar gyfer y brifysgol i fyfyrwyr dawnus a thalentog. Mae gofynion mynediad a chostau penodol yn gysylltiedig â’r rhaglenni hyn.

Cysylltwch â’r swyddfa ryngwladol i gael rhagor o fanylion:

Oxbridge Preparation Programme
HE +
Medical Tutorial Programme
I have been at Gower College Swansea for nearly two years now and have really enjoyed my time here. The college is filled with laughter and excitement! I have been able to meet many new friends and all lecturers are very kind and always happy to help. I always enjoy going to my lectures as I like to gain more knowledge about my favourite subjects."

Ryan Yung, Hong Kong
A* A B in Doubles Maths and Accounting.
Progressed to study Accounting & Finance at Durham University.

Gower College Swansea is an excellent college with superb support for students. I discovered my interest in Linguistics through the Oxbridge program and have since been offered a place to study the subject at the University of Cambridge."

Shannon, USA
A* A A in Mathematics, Psychology and English.
Progressed to study Linguistics at Cambridge University.

It has been such an amazing two years studying at GCS for me. There is a wide range of subjects available for students to choose from. In regards to international students, the international office is always kind and helpful which made it easy for me to adapt to life in Swansea. Swansea is a peaceful city and is located by the beach, as far as I’m concerned it is one of the most suitable places to have a studying experience."

Shaoxuan ‘Michael’ Cheng, China
Achieved A A C C in Maths, Chinese, Further Maths and Physics.
Progressed to the University of Warwick to study Engineering.

The International Team are lovely and organised trips to beautiful cities in the UK such as Cambridge and Oxford. My homestay was perfect and my caring host made my time in the UK happy. Swansea is a great city with lots of fab restaurants and it was a pleasure to meet people from all over the world."

Gieun Cho, South Korea
A* A* A* A* in Double Maths, Economics and Geography
Progressed to study Geography at University College London (UCL).

Gieun Cho
I loved my time at Gower College Swansea. The teachers were so helpful and helped me to achieve the grades I needed to get into my first choice university. The international office also gave me a lot of support which helped me to settle in Swansea very quickly. This also gave me the confidence to focus on my studies. I would highly recommend this college!"

Chan Kim, South Korea
A B B in Electronics, Geography and World Development.
Progressed to study Geography at Southampton University

My experience has been very enjoyable. The teaching has been very effective and has helped me and my peers to achieve amazing academic results. The college facilities are also superb and have allowed me to reach my fullest academic potential. In addition, I would not have been able to gain offers from world top universities without the outstanding support provided by the HE+ programme and its organisers Felicity Padley and Neris Morris."

Xuanyuan Han, China
A*, A*, A*, A* in Double Maths, Physics and Computer Science
Progressed to study Computer Science at Churchill College, University of Cambridge

Xuanyuan Han
My lecturers are all approachable and helpful, without whom I wouldn’t have progressed so much academically. The members of the staff at the International Office are also friendly and have given me lots of support. Indeed, it is an unforgettable experience to have lived in Swansea and studied at such an amazing College."

Jiacheng ‘Charles’ Gong, China
Achieved A* A* A in Law, Maths and History.
Progressed to study Law at the University of Manchester



We offer Homestay accommodation for all our international students. This accommodation is with a British family in a safe and private environment.

Living in a Gower College Swansea approved Homestay will give you a truly British experience. You will have the opportunity to experience British culture, improve your English Language and will also be able to avail of advice and guidance about living in Swansea, Wales and the UK!

Our homestay families have been carefully selected, vetted and monitored by our international team and all family members over 18 have successfully completed a Disclosure and Barring Services (DBS) check Many of our hosts are very experienced and have enjoyed sharing their homes with students from all over the world.

Find out more about Homestay

Homestay Homestay Homestay Homestay Homestay Homestay

Bro Gŵyr

Mae Coleg Gŵyr Abertawe yn cymryd ei enw o Fro Gŵyr, yr ardal ddynodedig gyntaf o harddwch naturiol eithriadol ym Mhrydain. Mae Bro Gŵyr yn gartref i rai o’r baeau a’r traethau mwyaf hardd yn y DU ac mae wedi ymddangos mewn nifer o raglenni teledu a ffilmiau. Rydym yn mynd â’n myfyrwyr i Fro Gŵyr yn rheolaidd ar gyfer gweithgareddau awyr agored megis cerdded, dringo a syrffio.

Germaine(Hong Kong)at Magdalene College, Oxford – Feb 2018

Social Programme

Magdalen College, Oxford: February 2018

Germaine, from Hong Kong, takes a step back in time at Magdalene College and phones home the old fashioned way!

International Students at Christ Church, Oxford - Feb 2018

Social Programme

Christ Church, Oxford: February 2018

Our international students appreciated the chance to visit Oxford and see inside some of its famous colleges during their recent half term break. The trip also included time to walk around the city centre.

Thrilled by the atmosphere and history of the locations, we have a few more aspiring dons now!

Sydney & Hailey (South Korea) at Christ Church, Oxford - Feb 2018

Social Programme

Christ Church, Oxford: February 2018

Sydney and Hailey (South Korea) standing in the Great Quadrangle – it is considered to be the heart of Christ Church, College and our students were suitably impressed by their grand surroundings.

Phillip, Jack & Leo (China) at Magdalene College, Oxford – Feb 2018

Social Programme

Magdalen College, Oxford: February 2018

Phillip, Jack and Leo from China, take in the peace and tranquillity of Magdalen’s meadows after a busy day out and about in Oxford. Their itinerary included college visits and free time in the vibrant city centre.

Roman Baths

Social Programme

A trip to Rhossili Bay: September 2016

Our international students recently enjoyed exploring Rhossili Bay, on the Gower Peninsula, taking in its gorgeous sands and breathtaking views.

Trip to Bath

Social Programme

Worms Head, Rhossili: September 2016

Smiles all round from Belma (Turkey), Rebekka (Germany) and Momo (Taiwan) on their visit to Rhossili Bay, one of the best beaches in the UK, popular with locals and visitors alike.

Students and staff in Bath, November 2016

Social Programme

Visit to Bath: November 2016

Students and staff have a good time out and about in Bath city centre strolling around the Christmas market and famous sights of the city. Activities included a walk up to the Royal Crescent and the Circus, both famous Georgian landmarks.

Trip to Cardiff Castle

Social Programme

Roman Baths, Bath: November 2016

Our Korean A Level students enjoyed their busy day out in Bath. Seen here at the Roman Baths, other activities included a walk up to the Royal Crescent and the Circus, both famous Georgian landmarks.

Trip to Cardiff Castle

Social Programme

Visit to the Roman Baths, Bath: November 2016

International students take the chance to admire Bath’s historical monuments and appreciate the architecture. Pictured here Pascal (Switzerland), Taekjun (Korea) and Stefan (Germany).

Trip to Three Cliffs, Gower

Social Programme

Roman Baths, Bath: November 2016

Leo (China), Yiannis (Teacher) and Ernesto (Guest Teacher from China) immerse themselves in beautiful Bath, a city of culture since Roman times.

Trip to Worms Head, Gower

Social Programme

Roman Baths, Bath: November 2016

International students enjoyed their busy day out in Bath. They visited the Roman Baths – other activities included a walk up to the Royal Crescent and the Circus, both famous Georgian landmarks. Pictured here are Taekjun (Korea), Michael (China), Thanat (Thailand) and Jerry (Taiwan).

Where is Swansea?

Swansea on a map

Driving times to Swansea

3 hours from London
London to Swansea

2¾ hours from Birmingham
Birmingham to Swansea

1½ hours from Bristol
Bristol to Swansea

4 hours from Manchester
Manchester to Swansea

With its connections to the wider transport network, Swansea is strategically located for access from the UK, Europe and beyond.

By Road

By Road

The M4 motorway links London to Swansea and travel time is 3 hours. The national bus company operates an hourly direct service from Swansea to all London international airports.

By Rail

By Rail

Hourly direct trains are available from Swansea to London and journey time is 3 hours.

By Air

By Air

Swansea is just under 3 hours drive from London Heathrow airport. Bristol International airport is 1.5 hours drive from Swansea. Cardiff Airport is approximately one hour’s drive from Swansea.